The end of structured life

Today is the last day of my second last term at Imperial College London. We operate on a trimester system with engineers usually doing a 4 year degree so I’m done with 11/12 of my degree or more than 90%.

Since we are around 6 years old our life has a structure. We know that there is nursery school, followed by primary, secondary and finally university education. Within this time frame all the experiences we have are not really appreciated until we make a jump. When making these discrete jumps, for example from high school we are nostalgic about our friends and experiences, but we know that there is still a while to go and university still awaits us with all that it has to offer…

The jump from university to life however is a different one. All my peers have had a very similar trajectory within our structured lives and the only variation has been grades, internships, holidays, girlfriends/boyfriends.

It’s quite a challenge to describe all the adventures and learning experiences that university has taught me. I learn’t much moreĀ outsideĀ of my lectures and department and have come to believe that paying for university is worth it just for the life outside of academics. Everything else can be learnt on Khan Academy or YouTube!

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