Seedcamp 2011

After interning in London for the summer, I had the opportunity of helping out with Seedcamp week 2011. Seedcamp is Europe’s largest tech startup accelerator programme. There were 4 main days, Entrepreneurs, Product, Growth and Demo day. The energy throughout the whole week was intense as a whirlwind of more than 100 entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from around the world were present each day. We also got a copy of ‘The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries‘ one week early!

We had quite a few interesting talks throughout the week as well. Notable ones are from Ilya (Yandex), Martin Varsavsky (Fon) and Dave McClure (500 Startups). The best quote I took away from the event was from Dave who said “Hate is closer to Love than indifference”. Slides from his presentation are here.

Inspiring talk by Martin Varsavsky

Good luck to the Seedcamp startups!